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About Us

Our Story

Omni Marketing has worked together on hundreds of accounts across central Montana. Most of which happened when they worked as a team as marketing experts at the Great Falls Tribune. 

They all have an extensive training in all forms of old school (traditional push media) and modern marketing avenues (digital). Newsprint, radio and TV being the local favorites. They also have been involved from the beginning of the digital age of marketing from GDN, Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing and streaming services to get their clients where they need to be seen.

Why we are different

Transparency. Honesty. Efficiency.

We take the time to understand your objectives and develop custom marketing strategies that are rooted in research, as well as creative solutions that cut through the marketplace noise and motivate your customers to act.

We constantly monitor and optimize your campaigns and provide frequent, regular and transparent reporting because – like our clients – we live and die by results.

Why Omni?

Who is Omni? Better yet, what the heck does ‘Omni’ mean?
Omni Marketing and Design is an Advertising & Marketing, Graphic Design and web development agency based in Great Falls, Montana. But, you knew that already.

We’re a group of like-minded individuals who have one very important thing in common. No matter what, we will deliver the best experience for you, the client.

Our specialty is helping businesses that are tired of getting the runaround by old school agencies and help them see a different perspective.

Let us help you leverage the world of digital marketing to make better use of your traditional marketing avenues.

Our agency is tailormade specifically for your business. Only need a specific service? Great. We’ll help you wherever we can, and we’ll give 1000% to make it perfect.

What does Omni mean?

Short answer, “in all ways or places.”  Long answer… it means we’ll do whatever it takes to get your business moving in the right direction.

Motivated by Results

Our only measure of success, is yours.

Fiercely Loyal

You simply won't find a more tenacious team.

Highly Skilled

Experience counts.

Holly Kopeikin

Chief Marketing Officer, Owner

Technical Consultant, Draw the Line, LLC